There are several types of problems that people face these days when it comes to before or after marriage. Finding the right match these days can be very challenging for Indian parents these days. This is because the daughters are much concerned in building their career well rather than focusing upon choosing  her life partner which is good in one way but little challenging in the other. It becomes challenging when the girl gets older and still unable to find the right match. After a certain age, normally the girl falls into depression as she feels that she is deprived from the bliss of marriage. This happens with boys as well, they are well settled, well educated but they tend to cross the marriage age and later they get depressed when their physical needs are not satisfied. While this is the most common problem faced by boys and girls before marriage, there are several other problems that people face after marriage as well.


Like in every other relationship, husband and wife too have ups and downs. While the happy days can bring joy and fun between the couples while bad days can bring chaos and fights. Certain times, the fights become so intense that it goes upto the extent of breaking the marriage which can ruin people’s lives. Our Guruji can solve the following problems and bring permanent happiness between the couples.


  1. Our guruji is expertised in solving compatibility problems between the couples. Every individual is different and hence the thoughts  two individuals do not match most of the time, This leads to misunderstanding and causes small to big fights between couples. Our Guruji by reading and analysing the effects of planets, especially venus on the houses of each individual can bring you the best solution which not only reduces the fights between couples but also brings loads of happiness.
  2. Every family, especially newly married couples find it difficult to manage finance in the family. This leads to fights and spoils the romantic environment at home. Such problems can be solved by performing certain pujas recommended by our Guruji and following certain life-changing instructions given by our Guruji.
  3. Extra marital affairs is one of the serious problems that has the power to spoil and ruin both the partners in the relationship. The effect can be so severe that it can even take a person’s life. This problem needs serious and utmost attention. From an astrology point of view, people with weak Jupiter tend to fall into extra marital affairs. To keep up the legit relationship, the couple has to come to the shelter of astrology at the right time before the situation falls out of control. Our Jaydev Guruji is equipped with necessary skills to bring the couples out from the major trouble that would be awaiting.
  4. Problems with in-laws is one another major problem normally faced by the daughter-in-law. Such fights between the daughter-in-law and mother-father-in-law can break the house in just a very short span of life. This needs Astrologer attention at the right time before it leads to any other problem.
  5. Intimacy or sex problems is one serious problem that needs to be figured out before it leads to any other major problem. Not every couple will have the same level of physical intimacy after a few years of marriage. This leads to serious tension and mental stress in one of the partners and leads to disharmony in marriage. Marriage will be successful with healthy sex life, However certain times, the man will have problems like Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation or less interest in sex, and loss of sex drive or libido and the woman may face problems like Lack of sexual desire or Inability to become aroused or Lack of orgasm or Lack of sexual climax or Painful intercourse. These physical problems in one or both partners can lead to mental stress in both the partners and hamper the relationship. 

All such problems can be solved by our respected Sri Jaydev Guruji which brings loads of happiness between you and your life partner throughout both of your lives.

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