These days property problems are increasing at a high pace. Buying a property seems so good and a happy moment in one’s life but normally it involves huge risk as a person has to invest a lump sum all at once. He would have earned that money all his life to accumulate it and buy a property. Also these days property disputes are increasing. Normally the duputes happen within a family where clashes arise for the share of the property between brothers. These days children want their share of property at an early age and thus get in disputes with their own parents. So, such scenarios are very common these days and the court proceedings take years to resolve them. 


As these disputes are increasing day by day, Social Science has its own explanation to state why such problems arise. However, vedic astrology believes that a kind of bad omen does not let the families live happily and thus the families get indulged in fights and spoil their mental peace. When the family members themselves get into such disputes, it creates envy and hatred among the members. In such a situation, a member can use tantric mantras on another person in the family and get him under control. They may indulge in black magic which can ruin a person. In such situations, the only remedy that one can find is getting a solution from an astrologer for family disputes or property disputes.


Five tips which helps you in buying a new property or resolving property disputes as early as possible:

  1. Feed a cow with jaggery on every sunday or feed a hungry person on every Friday, this helps you in buying a good property as early as possible
  2. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi on every Friday will help to come out of property disputes.
  3. Chant Goddess Durga mantra on every Friday. Sit with peace and imagine the Goddess and keep chanting. This effective technique frees you from property disputes.
  4. Chant the below mantra for 108 times on 9 nights of Navaratri: Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah

5. There are several pujas done specifically for resolving property disputes or to buy a new  property as soon as possible. Our Jaydev Guruji can help you in performing such sacred pujas


For all such problems which have become so common in every family, our honorable Sri Jaydev Guruji has customized solutions. So far all our clients are very much happy after Guruji’s consultation and are leading a stress free life. They are all well settled now by following our Guruji’s advice and performing certain sacred rituals to take the blessings of Gods and Goddesses.

To enhance your quality of life by reducing stress from property disputes and other such things, do take a free consultation from our respectable Sri Jaydev Guruji and seek the remedies for all your problems.


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