It is one of the most powerful techniques used in Astrology. It is the mixture of two words Vashi and Karan. The first word means to take control of someone and the second means the technique that would be used. The whole act of vashikaran involves using certain techniques to attract a person towards you or trying to draw another person’s attention towards you or to hypnotize a person. The person on whom the vashikaran is applied will lose control on himself or herself. This powerful technique is used by some to get rid of a person’s psychological or mental state and some use it for conservative purposes.


How can you understand if your loved one is the victim of Vashikaran:

  1. If he/she is having continuous health problems

  2. If he/she daydreams about only one person all time

  3. If he/she is in total confusion & unable to decide on anything

  4. If he/she is in total confusion state

  5. If he/she feels low and has become mentally weak

  6. If he/she is unable to focus and experience poor mental health 




If you or your loved one feels any of the above problems, then you are being impacted by Vashikaran. This technique is done using a sort of mantra which is called Tantric Mantra. These Mantras give spontaneous results. This particular mantra is performed on another person to get rid of various problems.



However in some situations, the person who dislikes you can use this mantra over you to make you get out of your senses and with the intention to make your life miserable. 


For example 1: Your mother or father do not like the bride you have selected and they advise you not to marry her. So, when you do not listen to them, they may take the help of vashikaran to bring you in their control and help you get rid of the woman whom you have selected. In that case, you are in need of a Vashikaran specialist to get back to your senses and make the right decision.



Example 2: If your mother-in-law does not like you and wants you to get out from your husband’s life then the mother-in-law can use vashikaran over your husband to bring him to her control. Vashikaran’s impacted husband may start disliking you and start listening to only his mother. You should urgently seek a vashikaran specialist like our honorable Guruji to get rid of vashikaran from your husband.


Your If you are experiencing the above mentioned issues, then there is nothing to worry about. Because our Jaidev Guruji can help you come out of it with his unique solutions. Our Guruji’s Vashikaran removal tactics are so powerful that it helps you come out of it and also helps you not to fall again for such heinous acts. In short, the solution given by our Guruji is something permanent and thereafter it helps you lead a happy life with your family.

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